Brief introduction (CV)

Born in Brest in 1988, I had most of my (kind of) chaotic schooling there. As many high school students, I did not know where to go after my Bachelor’s Degree in economics and social science. I studied at the Universities of biology and English, and worked in the field of youth activities. Finally, I randomly joined a technician school in computer science.

I promptly discovered a passion for the field and after my degree, I integrated ENIB, an engineering school in Brest. After a year there, I decided to aim at becoming a researcher. I then entered ENS Rennes (at the time ENS Cachan – Brittany extension) as a magisterian. I obtained my Master’s Degree as well as a Magistère diploma, and started my Ph.D. at IMT Atlantique (at the time Télécom Bretagne), where I obtained the grade of Ph.D. in computer science at the end of 2017.

Now, I hold a postdoctoral position at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), in the LTS4 laboratory of Prof. Pascal Frossard. My tasks focus on graph signal processing and interpretable machine learning in order to have such tools usable (in a trusted way) for biological data and to predict response to cancer therapy. In parallel, I am also interested in classification of brain signals, extension of graph signal processing to multichannel data, as well as in the problem of comparing signals defined over different topologies.